Do you want to learn Spanish listening to our podcasts?

Many busy people spend around 40 minutes on their work way listening some podcast about their favourite hobbies: news, cinema, comics, photography…

Regarding foreign languages, we desire to contribute our bit in the teaching of Spanish as a second language with a podcast. You can learn it from your smartphone for free!

Faro de Lenguas Magazine


Bearing in mind this podcasting boom, we’d like to put the Spanish language and its culture closer, being part of your lives.

Faro de Lenguas Magazine is a podcast made up of a team of online Spanish teachers.  Our goal is to show you a different way to enjoy this language, while you are listening to our episodes: news, literature, movies, culture in general, music, and so on.

  1. You’ll get a betterment in your listening skill.
  2. A free ebook is available along with the episode.
  3. You can learn more Spanish reading the monthly posts about the subjects of our magazine.

Our podcast is in its third season during 2018-2019. Check here all Season 1-2 Programs and Audio Transcriptions for our first three Third Season episodes.

A light in the dark, from Kelsey King Illustration (Tumblr).

Faro de Lenguas PREMIUM

  1. we provide motivation, inspiration, and real-life Spanish!
  2. You’ll learn how to communicate naturally and easily in Spanish.
  3. We’ll help you move from the basic to the intermediate level.
  4. Practical explanations and exercises to do them while you’re at work, cleaning the house or just walking.
  5. Every episode includes a guide with the transcriptions, exercises and tips.

Faro de Lenguas PREMIUM will be free until January 2019. It means that the episodes which are published on ivoox and Patreon will have a cheap membership fee, In fact, only patrons and members of our community will have access.

These podcasts are available on iVoox, iTunes and Player FM every month.

Would you like to belong to our fan community?

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Facebook group.

Facebook group

That’s our membership in this public Facebook group to ask questions, share news from the podcast, tips and a little entertainment. Click the link to join the group: https://bit.ly/2JSSxiK

Patreon community.

YouTube channel.

All our episodes on YouTube.

Probably, you do not have any idea about what a podcast is, however, YouTube allows to reach a new audience to meet our content in video format.

As an experiment, we are going to share live streaming videos with our team soon. It’s a closer way you to see how a podcast is made and who are the podcasters running the show.

Shall we share some minutes together?

Surely throughout the day, you have 20 minutes. Think about it. It may be on that journey you make on public transport, in your car or walking. Maybe while you cook or before going to sleep. Choose the moment and we promise to help you keep your level of Spanish fresh or share your vision of teaching this wonderful language.

When you listen to our magazine, you are creating a habit to understand Spanish.


We will love hearing your suggestions and improve our content table with you. Contact us!