Meet our podcasters

beyond a physical classroom…


A podcast is more than a recorded foreign language lesson. It’s a creative experience close to your ears.

Francisco J. Martínez Vicente.



Everything began like a general idea, something in your mind which needs to say hello to the whole world. 

Gisela Cabrera.



The majority of Spanish teachers I know use audio files as an auxiliary tool to train the student’s listening skill and fill out the multiple choice exercise. It does not matter if that audio is in a blog or another digital tool.  As far as I am concerned, what it’s called “podcast” means entertainment, communication and a way to connect directly to your learners.

Félix González


A magazine is the chosen format of our podcast. That allows to be flexible, creative, explore the soundland and its possibilities.

The project is made up of three different Spanish teachers and a diverse background. Together, we accomplish that tone which makes the difference in comparison with other podcasts of the same category.

We are aware of what modest it is and how huge our ambitions are, however, every time we learn a little more to improve.

The voices that walk along the waves.

Félix González.

I’m Felix Gonzalez, a Spanish teacher from Bogota, Colombia. I hold two master’s degrees related to Applied Linguistics for Teaching Spanish a Foreign Language from Spain and Puerto Rico.

There’s no better way to learn than to teach. And this has been my passion for more than 10 years, three of them teaching Spanish. I wanted to change my Spanish-speaking audience from a single country teaching English to a more diverse, multicultural one teaching my mother tongue, for its great interest in learning all related to language and culture. I think this is why you came here in the first place!

And here’s what I can offer you in this podcast: A great journey through the senses with music!!

One of my greatest passions in life is storytelling with music. Every time you listen to this section “La Lengua Melódica”, you can learn in a dynamic and easy by travelling through your ears and senses to the melodic creativity and diversity from several Hispanic American cultures. Come and join me on this great adventure!

Playlist heard on audio sample:

  • “La pava congona”, Andrés Landero y su Conjunto (Cumbia).
  • “Quitapesares”, Cimarrón (Llanera).
  • “Abozaíto”, Kinteto Pacífico (Abozao from Pacific African Colombian area).
  • “La rumba de las flores”, Los Carrangueros de Ráquira” (Rumba carranguera).


Francisco J. Martínez.

After my bachelor’s in Spanish language and literature (University of Murcia, Spain), I decided to travel around Spain and enjoy life.

I finished my master’s degree in teaching Spanish and English as second languages in 2015. My experience as a teacher volunteer teaching Spanish to immigrants at the Red Cross of Murcia was absolutely worthy. That was the beginning of my career. Then, I began to publish podcasts for my students, my first online lessons and a business project to change my professional and personal life.

I still continue helping other learners today, recycling my teaching and digital marketing knowledge and I’m really happy with my online Spanish School. But there is no doubt that my flagship is Faro de Lenguas Magazine, the podcast to learn Spanish.

Gisela Rosa Cabrera Jiménez


My name’s Gisela, from Bogotá (Colombia). I have been working as a Spanish teacher for a long time.

In my opinion, podcasting is a great communication mean to connect with other students of Spanish, wherever they live. That’s some real magic!

Many friends of mine usually say that I’ve got a podcaster’s soul. Well, they might exaggerate a little bit. I only want to feel the freedom of the podcasting and develop my creativity.

I expect that my section can help people to understand the wealth of the Spanish language with Colombian flavour.