8th of March: Woman’s day

Why do we celebrate on 8th of March?

From a historical point of view, women have been a pasive role in a traditional society. Men was the core of the family and the supporter, while women take care of children, keep the house administration and they had to follow conventional moral rules as wives. In fact, it was supposed they couldn’t work and the only way was either mariage, being a nun or take care of their old fathers if they were single.

In comparison with men, they didn’t have the same liberty than men, because the social role were extremely rigid and defined for both sexs.

Our tribute.

Faro de Lenguas Magazine.

What you’ll find in this episode.

De a 3.

That’s a seccion in which Félix, Gisela and Francisco analyze some current situations that women live, either advances or things to get better.

What stereotypes do you think they are about women in these modern times? Leave us your opinion in Spanish on the comment box.

Variedades con Gise.

Gisela Cabrera talks to another friend, Lorena, about the beaty dictatorship. How does beauty affect woman’s life? Is there a different beauty model for women and men?

Notas de Historia.

Is there balance between the woman and man social role? The idea of equality for women is not the same in all cultures. For instance, Arabic societies are quite traditional and women are treated as people who are minor.

machismo versus feminismo
Machismo y feminismo no son la misma cosa.

La Lengua Melódica.

Félix González shows you some women who have changed the Hispanoamerican music outlook.

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Music is a good tool to learn a foreign language. That’s why we share a playlist with Spanish songs about brave women. Click here to listen to the best songs!

Un poco de gramática y vocabulario.

A free lesson.

We want to share a Spanish lesson with you. It contents some elements that we’ve used in the different podcast sections of March episode:

  • How to use pretérito indefinido, pretérito imperfecto and pretérito perfecto in Spanish to tell stories.
  • Connectors about past tenses.
  • How to describe people’s character.
  • Giving an opinion
woman's day free lesson
Aprende a usar los tiempos de pasado en español.
skype Spanish lessons

And if you need to practice this free lesson with our tutors…

A language is learnt by practicing.

We suggest that you book your online lesson. Our tutors will guide to achieve your communicative goals, as well as overcoming the common mental block when you must talk in a foreign language.

How to book your lesson.
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